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Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence!


In 2023, Al’s TV Antenna and Satellite proudly marked its 50th anniversary, a significant milestone in our journey. To commemorate this achievement, we hosted a joyous celebration that brought together the community, loyal customers, and esteemed partners.

We have a rich history that began with Alfonso Arevalo’s vision to bring quality television services to our community. In 1973, he founded the business as “Al’s TV Antennas,” focusing on providing reliable TV antenna installations to homes in the local area. Alfonso’s commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction laid the foundation for the values we uphold today.

In 2000, the business transitioned to a new era under the leadership of Alfonso’s son, Andy Arevalo. With a deep respect for his father’s legacy and a passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Andy expanded the services to include satellite installations, internet services, home theatre, and cutting-edge security solutions. Under Andy’s guidance, the business evolved into “Al’s TV Antenna and Satellite,” reflecting our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of home entertainment and security.

Owner, Andy Arevalo poses for the local paper who wrote an article of their 50 year anniversary.

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History of Al's TV Antenna & Satellite

Al's TV Antenna Building in 1975

Alfonso Arevalo started Al’s TV in 1973


Alfonso’s daughter Gladys ran the store for many years.  Young Andy stands next to her at a local market in town.


Alfonso comes out of retirement to start Al’s TV Antenna and Satellite.  They become one of the first DISH retailers in the state.


Andy was a prominent restaurant manager in Orlando until 2000 when he decided to take over his father’s business.


In 2010 Andy created the ultimate DISH showroom for customers.


Andy celebrates the business’s 50th anniversary with a community party and ribbon cutting.